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1/22/09 03:02 am - 001

Well, fuck.....

How I got myself into this prison, I'll never know. Actually, that's not true. But fuck! Everyone does it! I'll bet Sevi has something to do with this......

At least I have made certain that the purpose of my being down is not to turn me into a ghoul. Thank God. No! You know what!? Don't thank God! God is dead! Thank....... me, i guess. Or Raph.... I don't know.

Fuck, I'm going to be so damn bored down here.

1/21/09 05:24 am

If you are not a member of Prohibeo Opulentia, please de-friend this journal. <3 Thanks.

1/21/09 05:21 am - Multi-Fandom Prison based RP

Where do the most notorious Video Game/Manga/Anime/Sci-Fi characters go when they're meant to pay for their way of living?


Why to Prohibeo Opulentia, of course. A prison where you don't have to check your powers and ablities at the door. Where the no matter what your gifts, the walls can still hold you and the guards have means to control your gifts in certain situations. A prison that is built underground and you will never see the light of day again. You must learn to get along with your fellow inmates and follow strict rules and a strict schedule. You must also learn that things are not always as they seem......

More Details about the game: The game will be open to both male and female characters, however, there will be separate areas for each gender. And Each gender will never mix with each other. I suspect the game will have Yuri and Yaoi concepts and situations. If you are interested fill out an app: http://community.livejournal.com/powerprison_ooc/554.html after reading the rules. :-) if you have any other questions feel free to email me (blind.angel.z@gmail.com) I'm usually always online so you will get a timely response.

I need characters for both Inmates and Staff.

2/6/08 11:14 am

WHO: Michael, Raphael
WHAT: Michael needs to talk to Raphael
WHERE: Raphael's place
WHEN: Afternoon

Michael head over to Raphael's...Collapse )

2/5/08 09:18 pm

Raph? Are you ignoring me on purpose?

2/2/08 11:00 am - Raphael is such a tool....

Rafael -Angel Sanctuary-
by ~faust-sayuri on deviantART

Ahahaha! Rapheal!

But seriously, we still need to talk...

2/1/08 12:53 am

Okay. This time that bastard has gone too far.....

Raph. We need to talk about a certain White Angel.....

1/30/08 07:26 am

Alright. I am officially bored out of my skull. one can only go on so many killing sprees before it gets repeatively boring

So, anyone want do something? anyone?

1/28/08 12:41 pm

I've been extremely tired lately and I have no idea why...

-_- It's annoying....

1/23/08 01:23 pm

Raphael, you're an asshole. You know that?
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